Verlag zur Publikation wissenschaftlicher Arbeiten aus dem Gebiet der Ägyptologie

NEW ADDRESS: Orientverlag G. Lapp, Paradiesstrasse 13, CH-4102 Binningen

For orders and contact: b.luescher@orientverlag.ch




ORIENTVERLAG was founded in 2005 by Günther Lapp. It aims to publish scholarly monographs on Egyptology and related disciplines.

One of our main projects is a new synoptic edition of the Ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead. This is being published by Günther Lapp and Barbara Lüscher in several volumes as the series Totenbuchtexte (TbT).

Our second series Beiträge zum Alten Ägypten (BAÄ) is open for scholarly contributions by other authors on all egyptological topics. For more information please check here.

Our third series is called Totenbuchtexte Supplementa (TbTS)  and presents supplementary volumes to our synoptic text edition. Vol. 1 is dedicated to Edouard Naville and his "Todtenbuch" edition.


Important note: We would be very grateful for any information regarding unpublished, hitherto unknown or new Book of the Dead material. Our edition will substitute Edouard Naville's outdated volumes from 1886 amd become the new standard reference for any future research on those texts. Therefore our project has to rely on the support from museums, collectors and private scholars by providing us with photographs and information material.