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NEW RELEASE: VisualGlyph+ for PC

VisualGlyph+ for PC is a modern computer program for writing egyptian hieroglyphs (as well as a graphic and drawing system). Unlike other such programs it is not a script program, but uses a technique called WYSIWYG (w[hat] y[ou] s[ee] i[s] w[hat] y[ou] g[et]). It allows you to directly manipulate the contents of a document (e.g. text, graphics), make changes and move signs directly on your computer screen. You can also freely combine, alter and edit the signs or add your own, change colors, size, rotation angle, style (standard, bold, filled, outline) etc.

In addition to the well-known Gardiner signs there are over 11‘000 additional signs. 

Price for the program file: € 30.- (the program file will be registered for your individual computer)


For a free trial version of the computer program VisualGlyph+ for PC (fully functional, but input / output deactivated) click on the button below 

(warnings and security alerts about an "unkown publisher" can be ignored, this software was created by G. Lapp and can be trusted):

VisualGlyph+ for PC
Hieroglyphic Writing System
vgSetup64bit.exe (4.36MB)
VisualGlyph+ for PC
Hieroglyphic Writing System
vgSetup64bit.exe (4.36MB)

In case of problems with the download or the installation process please contact: orientv3@orientverlag.ch

(The exe-file can also be sent to you via WeTransfer)

For the corresponding manual with full description of the program and its many features and functionalities see:

Beiträge zum Alten Ägypten 10:

Günther Lapp, VisualGlyph+ for PC. A Hieroglyphic Writing and Drawing SystemBAÄ 10, Orientverlag, Basel 2021. Paperback, 178 pages. 

(cover and summary)

Price: € 45.- (book only)

Set Price for book and program file: € 60.- 

(program file only: € 30.-)

For orders please contact: orientv3@orientverlag.ch